Sunday, April 27, 2008


A new twist. To prevent our past from becoming our future.

Hocus Pocus & Mumbo Jumbo.

Can we only hope that by keeping our heads down & nurturing local grassroots community, we will be too well established for the authorities to eradicate once they catch wind of us?


4 1/3 = 13/3


"I tripped on the threshold &
spilled my qahve
--Dervishy Daoud, folktalez

Thanks & praises to
the Source
from which all comes
to which all returns
unknowable mystery
within us
without which, nothing
thanks & praises

Monday, April 21, 2008

Doing More With Less

Doing More With Less in defense of creative loafing!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

from the Bhang-Nama

by Hakim Bey

The Indo-Iranian version of this international dervish style clearly also owes something to the much more ancient Shaivite tradition, which at one time spread as far north as the Kushan and Saka Empires beyond the Pamirs. The Indian dervishes are Islamized saddhus--but in fact the way of life and the veneration of Cannabis may be far older than any religion: we may be looking at the survival of world-wide Neolithic shamanism. In some syncretistic sects of North India and Bengal sufism and tantra merge seamlessly. Ganesh Baba claimed sufi affiliations.

If this kind of "Orientalism" now seems too romantic, nevertheless it reflects a kind of romanticism with its own adherents in the Orient. A popular universalism of roses, hashish, the tombs of saints, yogis who quote Hafez, dervishes who venerate lingams, etc., etc., can be picked up direct on the ground, not just from books by Oxbridge dons. The poet laureate of this tradition was Kabir of Benares. The political program is radical tolerance and mutual respect, a rapprochement often eased by a shared tasted for Cannabis--and where else better than Benares, Shiva's sacred city?

Friday, April 18, 2008

shirq is

shirq is like a pun so obvious it only makes fools laugh.

shirq is edible weeds that are more nutritious than vegetables.

shirq is what makes the TAZ work

shirq is the permaculture principle of leverage

I won't say it but shirq is wu wei

shirq is when a reliable cog pops free

shirq is heresy.

shirq is experiencing the divine where others insist on its impossibility.

shirq is refusing to pledge allegiance to the Empire in all its guises.

shirq is widening the cracks from the Cave of Treasures--also known as the Black Iron Prison--to nurture the Palm Tree Garden.

shirq says the people were not made for the law, the law was made for the people.

shirq is being prepared for surprise, rather than being prepared against surprise.

shirq is gleaning, scavenging, foraging, sharing, and

shirq is the wealth of knowing enough is enough.

shirq is food, water, shelter, and recreation.

shirq lifts the spirit, shakes off the unnecessary burdens, and lends a hand.